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Counseling Boomers and Seniors

Michael Brickey, Ph.D.
8 CE Credit Hours - Online Course - $79.00

Developed by Michael Brickey, Ph.D., ABPP

Course includes the work of renown sex researcher, Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D.

Board Approvals for Psychologists, LMFTs, SWs, Counselors, & Nurses

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Boomers and Seniors

One size doesn't fit all--different generations have different values, issues, and counseling needs. Boomers refuse to be old and still insist on changing the world. Older seniors are often still working and don't want to be banished to a nursing home. Even some centenarians are still working, teaching, and competing in sports. Today we increasingly distinguish between the psychology of various generations, e.g., The Lost Generation, The Greatest Generation, The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (Millennials), and Generation Z.

In this intermediate course consisting of eight MP3s, anti-aging psychologist Dr. Michael Brickey interviews experts on counseling boomers and seniors. The course includes notes on the interviews so you don't need to take notes. Dr. Arrien and Dr. Lawrence-Lightfoot address helping boomers and seniors deal with the challenges to identity, meaning, burnout, and purpose after age fifty. Aging brings health challenges. Dr. Fiore addresses how therapists can help people take charge when faced with cancer and other major health challenges. Dr. Zilbergeld discusses research on how sex and intimacy after fifty can be better than ever. Millions of seniors seeking love and companionship have turned to the Internet. Dr. Houran combines research and astute advice on how to help seniors be successful at online dating. The role models for how to live well into our hundreds are centenarians. Lynn Peters Adler's decades of profiling centenarians gives us insight into the psychology of these 100-year-old role models. Dr. Zur discusses how fear of death often leads to addictive behaviors and presents healthy options for dealing with death and seeing it as part of life. Finally, geriatric psychiatrist Dr. Marc Agronin describes how he counsels nursing home clients with dementia, and does so with great respect, reverence, and kindness.



Educational Objectives:

    This course will teach the participant to
  • Describe identity and meaning issues in boomers and seniors.
  • Discuss burnout and renewal issues in boomers and seniors.
  • Describe how to help patients with life threatening illnesses develop the mental and emotional skills to optimally deal with the illness.
  • Specify advice and guidance to clients who are using Internet dating.
  • Identify vital centenarian characteristics and how centenarians are role models for aging well.
  • Describe how to counsel clients on enriching their love and sex lives, even when they have disabilities.
  • Identify ways that American attitudes about death are problematic and ways to help clients deal more effectively with death and fear of dying.
  • Summarize how to counsel clients with dementia.

Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction, Bios, and Notes on the Interviews
  • Counseling to Discover Identity and Meaning after 50, Interview with Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.
  • Counseling Boomers and Seniors on Burnout and Renewal, Interview with Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Ph.D.
  • Counseling to Develop Mental and Emotional Skills for Dealing with Cancer and Other Life Threatening Diseases, Interview with Neil Fiore, Ph.D.
  • Online Dating for Boomers and Seniors, Interview with Jim Houran, Ph.D.
  • Sex & Love at Midlife: It Can Be Better Than Ever, Interview with George Zilbergeld, Ph.D. about Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D.
  • What Death Can Teach Us about Living Fully, Interview with Ofer Zur, Ph.D.
  • Counseling Patients with Dementia, Interview with Marc Agronin, MD
  • Resources


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