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Dr. Viktor E. Frankl's Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

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LogotherapyLogotherapy and Existential Analysis is the comprehensive theory and therapy of Dr. Viktor E. Frankl. Dr. Frankl, a neurologist, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, based his approach on the understanding that while the human person is not free from the conditions of life, a person is always free to choose his or her stand toward those conditions.

Dr. Frankl is best known for his book, Man's Search for Meaning, identified by the Library of Congress as one of the ten most influential books of the Twentieth Century.

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis teaches that the desire to live a life of meaning and purpose is the primary human motivation. Frankl developed his approach as a treatment specifically for persons who are consciously searching for meaning and purpose, or to be combined with other forms of therapy when questions about meaning in life are present but not primary.


Facts about Logotherapy

  • Logotherapy has been practiced since 1946.
  • Logotherapy makes complex existential ideas easy to apply in therapy.
  • Logotherapy is person-centered, strengths-based, and holistic.
  • Logotherapy foreshadows many developments in positive psychology.
  • Logotherapy can be combined with many other forms of therapy.
  • Logotherapy has developed its own unique set of tools and techniques.
  • Logotherapy continues to be practiced around the world.
  • Logotherapy has a strong empirical research base.
  • Interest in logotherapy has grown in recent years.


New online CE course:

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis: Introduction to the Theory and Therapy of Viktor Frankl
5 CE Credit Hours
The course includes an historical and classic interview with Dr. Frankl on the discovery of meaning,
freedom of choice and existential analysis.

In my household growing up, my sister and I were served a generous helping of philosophical inquiry with every meal. These deep and passionate discussions served as our 'soup du jour' for the soul. The ideas of Viktor Frankl's were favorites and were sometimes served as dessert, too. I will forever be grateful for how this practice has guided me throughout my life to discover meaning and to help me assume responsibility for my lived and un-lived life (OZ). That being said, you can imagine how it pleases me to present this new course on Logotherapy as "Man's Search for Meaning" has been a special sort of 'bible' for me. (OZ).

The course provides an accessible overview of this important topic covering both its history and its current applications. Therapists will be struck by the ease with which complex ideas are applied therapeutically. Holistically-oriented therapists will find a refreshingly different approach to mind-body issues. Everyone with a background in psychotherapy will note the foresight of Frankl and the surprising ways in which his theory anticipates current developments. Regardless of discipline or approach, the theory and therapy of Viktor Frankl add a new dimension of thought beneficial to anyone working with human beings.


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