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Dr. Ofer Zur

Have Dr. Zur Present A Workshop

Or Give A Lecture Or Keynotes

In Your Area Or For Your Organization

It is possible to have any of Dr. Zur's workshops or lectures presented by him in person in YOUR area or for your organization or institute:

Since 1990, Dr. Zur has trained thousands of psychotherapists across the United States and around the world on issues, such as ethics with soul, digital ethics, therapeutic boundaries, dual relationships, psychology of the web, Internet addiction, therapists as viewed in the movies, and how to build a thriving fee-for-service private practice outside managed care. Professional associations, clinics, educational institutions, and other organizations, including individuals, are welcome to explore with Dr. Zur the option of bringing any of his workshops and presentations to their organizations, clinics, or institutions.

Dr. Zur's approach to consulting emphasizes health and healing rather than pathology and sickness. He coaches, guides, and helps people to find meaning in their lives, search for their vocation or calling, and explore their spiritual paths. More information about Dr. Zur's philosophy of treatment. In his courses and consultations for the general public, Dr. Zur has focused on issues such as loving relationships, children and television violence, psychology of men and women, chronic illness, the chronically mentally ill and their families, grief, modern technology and the pace of life, psychology of victims, and divorcing with dignity and integrity.

Topics & Descriptions of Dr. Zur's Workshops and Lectures

There are a number of ways to do this:

The simplest way is to have your state or local professional organization sponsor the event. For this you have to contact your state or local chapter of Psychological Association, CAMFT, NASW, AAMFT or Counseling Association chapter or local college, university, clinics or hospital. Of course, any other continuing education accredited organization can sponsor a workshop. Collaboration between different organizations is often a better solution because it makes it makes marketing and financing easier.

The usual arrangement is as follows:

  • For a negotiated fee Dr. Zur will teach the workshop/s at a designated location in your area.
  • The individual/s or organization/s sponsoring the workshop/s will be responsible for the following:
    • Finding and securing a location for the workshop.
    • Marketing and advertising the workshop through direct mail, newsletters and websites or emails and mailing lists. (Dr. Zur will offer guidance to support the marketing efforts.)
    • Administering the registration and the workshop.
    • If applied, provide continuing education credit.
    • Continuing education and Certificate Programs are the responsibility of the sponsor organization, not of Zur Institute, Inc.

Description of Dr. Zur's workshops

Additional description of Dr. Zur's lectures

Dr. Zur's CV




Instructions for requesting accommodations for disabilities

Refund and Course Exchange Policies

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